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But I’m glad that this email got public.

But I’m glad that this email got public.

But I’m glad that this email got public.

Just the tip of a knife from a dye obtained from the microalga Spirulina is enough to color an entire bread bright green-blue.

The blue beer, on the other hand, was originally only intended as a gag. Griehl and her colleagues wanted to surprise guests at an information event. The brew, which was also blued by spirulina – the exact recipe remains the university’s secret for the time being – was so well received that the algae researchers continued to brew.

In January alone, Griehl had two inquiries from the researchers for several hundred liters "Real ocean blue" baptized drink achieved. But you can’t brew all the time, otherwise research and teaching would be neglected, says Griehl. Especially since the capacities in the university brewery are limited. The algae center is already in contact with a brewery that is supposed to produce larger quantities.

Big potential

"We want to economically install the progress that we have developed at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences here in the region too" says Griehl. The scientist sees the time for algae slowly but surely: "The time for this is definitely more ripe than it was 20 years ago. People think more environmentally conscious, many young people are vegetarian."

But microalgae are much more than just vegetarian: the tens of thousands of different species contain countless different ingredients from which food, medicines or plastics can be developed. They grow 15 to 20 times faster than most plants and take up very little space. The Anhalt University of Applied Sciences grows its algae in bioreactors, which are reminiscent of the shape of fir trees: Transparent hoses through which the water containing algae flows are wrapped around a conical structure. In this way, the single-cell organisms can make optimal use of the incident light.

In just 14 days, a whole batch of muddy biomass grows from a few algae cells, water, light and CO2. It is then dried with hot air and is ready for further processing as a fine, green powder. The university’s facility is not sufficient to supply the masses with food, fuel or plastic. A farm for mass production is to be built in Saxony-Anhalt this year. If you want to try beer or bread made from algae beforehand, you can do so on Monday at the Green Week at the Science Stand in Hall 23b.

An applicant finds out through an email that he has not got a job because of his origin. Thank God. Because racism has to become public. 

"No Arabs please": This is the answer a man received when he applied to a Berlin architecture firm. The e-mail was not addressed directly to the applicant, but it reached him due to an error. Racist writing found its way into social networks. As a migrant, I say: We need more such emails. 

"They sound like vacation" once said a woman to me. She meant my Austrian accent. I also say January instead of January and tomatoes with tomatoes. People find that charming. Many of these people never find out that I am not a native of Austria. Because despite one or two Austrian curiosities, my German is so good that people even pay me to write and speak it.

"But you speak good German"

And yet it always happens that I am attacked in a racist way. Not because of my Austrian, but because of my Bosnian origin. The other day a man abused me on the train for speaking Bosnian to my mother on the phone. Hate messages about my articles rarely come without a reference to my origin.

But racism is not limited to bullies on public transport and internet trolls. He often sits at the table during job interviews. "But you speak good German" is one of the more harmless sentences that come up. It is even meant as a compliment, but it still hurts. University degrees, excellent grades, commendable job references: all of this topadultreview.com is going under and my Bosnian name stands out. It creates the wrong image in the minds of potential employers.

Even worse is the thought of how many potential bosses don’t even invite me to an interview because they are put off by someone else’s name. Racism is frustrating, and the brooding over its extent threatens to overwhelm me at times. Because there is no rejection of an application "no foreigners please" I can never know why I didn’t get a job.

Every racist act should be in writing

An applicant has now by chance received an email from a company that said: "no Arabs please". My first thought when reading about this case was: "Thank God."

Don’t get me wrong: The racism in this email makes me angry and I feel sorry for the person who fell victim to it. But I’m glad that this email got public. Because it is written evidence that some decision-makers in Germany are guided by racism.

My second thought was: "More please!" I would like every racist act to be in writing, with the signature of the person responsible underneath. Affected would have evidence of the injustice that is being done to them. Whether the victims then speak to the racists or bring them directly to court and bring them to their just punishment, the racists have to endure the uncertainty of what will happen next. 

Nothing is more annoying for holidaymakers or business travelers than the disappearance of the suitcase before or during the trip. To ensure that your luggage arrives safely at your destination, you should pay attention to a few points.

What is allowed in hand luggage?
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Suitcase quality is an important factor

To ensure a safe journey for your luggage, it is advisable to remove old stickers from previous trips from your suitcases. The barcodes printed there can be quite confusing for the airline when the suitcases are processed automatically – there is a risk that the luggage will remain at the departure airport.

Greater security that your luggage will arrive safely is usually provided by suitcases that are stable in shape and are therefore less prone to falling off the treadmills during aircraft handling or at the travel destination. Branded cases are more expensive than the cheaper variants, but usually also have a better quality and much longer warranty periods. Tip: Avoid designer suitcases: These attract thieves.

Luggage lock doesn’t make it more secure

As a precaution, you should not lock your suitcase. This makes the transport from airport to airport safer, as your luggage is faster and easier to access during the checks by customs officials. A lock will not be able to prevent anyone who wants to steal. You should therefore always stow valuables in your hand luggage anyway.

Report loss of a suitcase at the counter immediately

If you lose luggage, there are rules that you should obey. First of all, you should immediately report the damage to the next baggage broker at the airport and to the airline. Passengers have seven days to do this. The so-called Lost&Found switches, the cases are logged with a claim number. Before departure, the contents of the suitcase should be documented by a smartphone photo or a witness in order to be able to prove the amount of damage.

You have a right to a refund

After reporting the damage, passengers can make an emergency purchase. Those affected should buy proportionately: only necessary items will be reimbursed. This includes drugstore items or everyday items that must be verifiable and traceable for airlines. Based on the Montreal Convention, airlines can reimburse delayed or lost suitcases with a maximum amount of around 1350 euros per passenger. The reimbursement amount is calculated based on the useful life of the items.

In principle, a piece of baggage is considered lost if it has not shown up after 21 days. Package travelers are also entitled to a price reduction. According to aviation expert Heinrich Großbongardt, from three days without a suitcase a reduction of 25 percent is possible, for the entire holiday by 50 percent.

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If you intend to travel with your baby, there is a lot that needs to be organized in advance. A packing list is particularly helpful here so that nothing is forgotten at home. In addition to a lot of clothes to change, the feeding utensils also have to be packed. Don’t forget to have enough diapers. And then there are the care products and so much more.

What is allowed in hand luggage?
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Packing list: organization is everything

You need to be well organized so that your baby is not lacking for anything on vacation. Make a list and make a note of what needs to be in the suitcase. If you plan to travel by plane, ask the airline what the weight limit for luggage is. Keep thinking about how much you can and want to carry. In addition to your luggage, you also have to carry your little darling.

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What else can you do

When you have created your packing list, revise it. When packing your suitcase, try to be efficient and space-saving. Think about what you can leave at home. Some things are also available at your travel destination, so you don’t have to take them with you. You can often borrow child seats or travel cots on site. In many cases, you can also buy consumables such as diapers for your baby on the spot. In order not to have to take too many items of clothing with you, you can also look for a way to do your laundry on vacation. Only pack items of clothing that can be easily combined. On the one hand, it saves you space in your case. On the other hand, you can wash them on site in a washing machine, which in turn saves costs.

The German doner kebab is a delicious export hit. The airline Eurowings is now serving it on planes. But there is a catch.

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The airline is trying to lure its customers with a new offer: From now on, kebab will be served on the planes. The kebab above the clouds should cost six euros.

t-online.de asked: Will the kebab be available everywhere? "The hot snacks, including the kebab, are offered on a large part of the Eurowings short and medium-haul network" replied an airline spokeswoman.

Doner kebab is a Berlin specialty

The Eurowings doner kebab is served in warm wheat flatbread. It is filled with fried chicken, coleslaw, tomato slices and fresh goat cheese.

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